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Product Description :-

Good oral hygiene begins at birth! Pediatric dentists recommended cleaning your baby’s gums – even before the first tooth appears – with a soft infant toothbrush. Cleaning teeth and gums properly with kidsme Easy Held Toothbrush Set. The Rubber Bristles Brush has soft bristled brush you're your baby’s gentle cleaning while soft and rubbery First Brush is for cleaning newborn babies’ teeth to remove sugars and bacteria that lead to future decay.
• No sharp edge
• Safe and hygiene
• Recommended Age: 24+ Months
• Detachable and interchange brush heads 
• Musical handle makes tooth brushing fun.
To Use:
• Before first use, soak toothbrushes in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
• Align the brush head on the handle and then push down
• Pull the brush head and handle apart to replace or interchange another brush head 
• Put a small pea-sized dab of children’s toothpaste onto the brush head.
To Clean :
• Clean the product before/after use.
• Clean the product in warm, soapy water; rinse it thoroughly, and dry it.

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